House Corporation Summer 2017 Update


Eta Lambda Brothers, Sweethearts, & Friends,

I want to take a minute to bring you up to speed on what your House Corporation, Main Street 1971 Corporation, has been doing over the past 5 years.

Investment Policy

Your House Corporation Board recently recruited a licensed and experienced Eta Lambda Alumnus, Ken Cadden, to be the investment advisor and established Investment Standards for our holdings by setting up an investment policy statement that lays out the goals for the House Corporation’s funds and how these funds will be invested.

We have also maintained passive management of the investment account and managed expenses by adhering to the investment policy. 

Encouraging Academic Excellence

The House Corporation has also worked with the Chapter to help encourage academic excellence.

Towards that goal, we have awarded $6,000 annually to deserving Active Brothers, who meet and exceed VT Dean’s List.  In the past 5 years, the House Corporation has been able to provide monetary awards to over 125 Active Chapter Brothers!

In addition, last year we traded the Scholarships for Bell Challenge Chapter Status, which enabled us to send more brothers to Leadership Training Workshop.

Award Winning House Corporation

I am proud to say that we were awarded “Outstanding House Corporation Award for 2016” by The Sigma Chi International Fraternity.

Goals & Projects

While we maintain a solid financial position, there are limits to what we can accomplish without your continued financial support.

  1. We want to do a renovation to our Chapter/Meeting room for which we are looking to immediately raise $50,000!
  2. We are continuing our work to restore and maintain our composites, having completed 20 restorations thus far.
  3. We want to maintain a strong position financially to support the Chapter on special house projects.
  4. We want to be able to be a Bell Challenge Chapter each year to enable more active brothers to attend workshop.
  5. Increase scholarships and the scholarship account funds that we have with The Sigma Chi International Fraternity.

We currently have about $30,000 in this scholarship account.  We would like it to increase this account to at least $150,000, which would then provide sufficient investment income to fully fund the $6,000 that we currently pay annually from our House Corp funds for Active Chapter Scholarships.

If we can increase this account beyond the $150,000 goal, then we can provide even more to the money to the Actives in scholarships.

And the list goes on! 

How You Can Help

If you did not already do so at the 45th Anniversary Celebration, we are asking each Alumni Brother to Pledge $50 to $100 per year to help fund these House Corp projects. Your recurring annual contribution will enable us to support the Chapter both now and into the future.

Please see the Pledge Card to simplify the donation process. Please download and send by US mail or by E-mail to; 

Mr. Adi Gelem, 2803 Cottage Cove Drive, Richmond, VA 23233, 804.248.1449,

The following Brothers made a Pledge commitment in February at the 45th Anniversary and we thank them for their generosity to the Eta Lambda Chapter.

Dave Bott, J. Von Brannock, Eddie Brewer, Tom Brocke, Steve Cadden, Gary Burnett, Tim Facius, Bob Fitz, Jeff Francis, Fred Gutnick, Sid Hays, Tom Hood, Tom Hutton, Gregg Johnson, Charles Kepley, Geoff Nattans, Wayne Morter, Eddie Pearson, Brown Pearson, Rick Potts, Doug Pulsifer, Jim Ryan, Sam Sears, Alan Slater, Brian Solano, Alan Turovlin, Ken Vinson, Steve Wrenn

We hope that you will please consider joining the Brothers above and also make a recurring contribution.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support of the Eta Lambda Chapter!

In hoc,

Brown Pearson, President (Lamda Chi & Eta Lambda Charter Member)

Main Street 1971 Corporation (Eta Lambda House Corporation)



Eta Lambda HC Pledge Card