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 Alumni Association

Since our inception as a Chapter, our House Corporation had served the dual function of overseeing housing activities and coordinating alumni activities.

Now with more than 1,100 Eta Lambda Alumnus, a decision was made in January 2011 to separate the House activities and the Alumni activities.

The goals of the Eta Lambda Alumni Association are as follows:

1) Expand the base of Alumni involved in our efforts to restore the Chapter to good standing with The General Fraternity & VT IFC.

2)   Plan and organize activities to commemorate Chapter Anniversaries at intervals of 5 years.

3)   Plan and develop social activities for our members in the areas with the largest Alumni concentrations (Richmond, Northern Virginia, Tidewater) and an event during football season in Blacksburg.

4) Continue to update email addresses, especially of those who no longer use their address, to enable us to remain in better contact with our Eta Lambda Alumni.

5) Many other projects that Alumni input will generate!

If you would like to volunteer your time in service to the Alumni Association or if you should have any questions, please contact one of the Brothers listed below.

 Alumni Association Contacts

Eddie Brewer –

Jeff Francis –

Mark Lea –