International History

Sigma Chi is one of the largest international all-male college social fraternities, with chapters at universities across Canada and United States.  Sigma Chi was founded on June 28, 1855 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio when members split from Delta Kappa Epsilon.  Sigma Chi has seven founding members:  Benjamin Piatt Runkle, Thomas Cowan Bell, William Lewis Lockwood, Isaac M. Jordan, Daniel William Cooper, Franklin Howard Scobey, and James Parks Caldwell.The fundamental purpose of this fraternity is to promote the concepts of friendship, justice and learning within its membership.

As of 2006, Sigma Chi Fraternity consists of over 218,000 living brothers in 228 undergraduate chapters and 149 alumni groups around the world.  Every two years, delegates from all undergraduate chapters and alumni chapters meet for the Grand Chapter – a convention in which Grand Officers, the International Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, and the International Balfour Award winner are selected, and revisions to the General Fraternity’s Governing Laws and Ritual are proposed and debated.

On June 13th, 2005, it’s 150th anniversary, Sigma Chi was honored by the United States Congress as the only Greek letter society to be honored.

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On June 28th, 2005, Sigma Chi celebrated its 150th year anniversary of being a International Fraternity.  This is a huge accomplishment known only to a few fraternities.  The pure act of the fraternity lasting for this incredible amount of time says something about the type of men that make up the brotherhood of Sigma Chi.


 The epic story begins in the fall of 1854 in Oxford, Ohio.  There was a disagreement with the Kappa chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) at the Miami University (better known as Miami of Ohio).  The altercation occurred over an election of a new member into a literary society and when justice couldn’t be conceived, six of the 12 current members were expelled from the fraternity.

Isaac M. Jordan, James Parks Caldwell, Benjamin Piatt Runkle, Franklin Howard Scobey, Thomas Cowan Bell and Daniel William Cooper decided to make a brotherhood and fraternity like none other.  With the help of the 7th founder, William Lewis Lockwood, they designed the Sigma Chi badge.  This badge was word in public for the first time on June 28th, 1855 at Miami University, marking the commencement day of Sigma Chi.  The basic ideals of Sigma Chi’s foundation are: friendship, justice and learning; all of which the founders found most important.

Over the years, Sigma Chi has been tested, lasting through the Civil War, two World Wars and into the new millennium.  The experience a Sigma Chi receives is not one that lasts only four years, but one that lasts a lifetime.  Sigma Chi is built on basic but powerful ideals.  These ideals can never be fully obtained, but every Sigma Chi strives each day towards them.  The bonds Sigma Chi’s share are indescribable: something that only members can understand.  The bonds go beyond a caring brotherhood, and justice; they lie deep within every brother, changing the world one brother at a time.

Sigma Chi also takes price in the leadership opportunities it offers members through programs such as: Horizons, Balfour Leadership Training Workshop (BLTW), and Cornerstone.  These programs separate Sigma Chi from any other fraternity and make endless opportunities for its members.  Nobody knows where the next 150 years will lead Sigma Chi, but one thing’s for certain; we’ll be around and changing history.