41st Annual Derby Day’s Schedule

If participants wish to donate online, please use the link below to do so.  If you decide to donate online, please write your sorority name under “Company Name” when filling out the donation form.


Opening Ceremonies- Sunday, April 1st – 3 pm – Squire’s Colonial Hall

A “Miracle Family” will speak about Children’s Miracle Network, programs will be distributed, and the week’s events will be outlined. Addressed envelopes will be collected. Attendance points will b…e doubled for this event.

Derby Chase – Monday, April 2nd – 5:30 pm – On Campus

At 5:30, brothers will run for their lives from one end of campus to the other. Participants will attempt to steal their hats in this giant game of tag.

Night Field Games – Tuesday, April 3rd – 7 pm – Blacksburg Municipal Softball Field

Come out under the Sunday Night Lights and test your mettle. Teams will compete in various field games such as tug-o-war, three legged race and other games. *Theme Night*

Roller Derby – Thursday, April 5th – 9:30 pm – Adventure World

Slap on your skates or (for the extreme) your blades, and prepare to let out your inner John Travolta under the disco ball. It will be $3 to enter and an additional $3 to skate. *Theme Night*

Brother Auction– Friday, April 6th – 7 pm – O-Lounge

Coaches, this is your chance to shine on stage. Impress the crowd with a 2-3 minute skit/song/dance or anything that shows why you should be bought. There will be a $3 cover. *Theme Night*

Airbands – Saturday April, 7th – 5 pm – Top of the Stairs

Each team will create an 8-12 minute skit or group of skits with any or all of singing, dancing, jokes, etc. This is your last chance to call people out, make us laugh, and show the judges why you deserve to win.