Spring Game Alumni Tailgate To Occur April 20th After The Spring Game

Game Starts at 2:00 pm and should end by 3:30pm

4:00 – 7:00 PM

All Alumni Brothers, Active Brothers, Sweethearts, Family Members, Pledges, & Prospective Pledges. In the RSVP, please state the # in your party.

What is provided:
Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Chips, Salads, Condiments, Rolls, Dessert
Beverages – Water, Soda, Beer, & Ice

What to Bring:
Cash, Check, Chair, Hat & Coat for Outside Activities           

$10 – Actives & Family Members
$10 – Alumni Members of $45 for 45th Anniversary Club
$15 – Alumni & Guests

Payment accepted day of event. Free to Children under 12 years of age

RSVP:  By April 12th

Jeff Francis / anotherdamnyankeehokie@gmail.com / 610.715.4265
Eddie Brewer / ebreweriii@aol.com / 804.240.3192