Alumni Newsletter

During the first few months of the 2013-2014 school year, Sigma Chi has seen much action from philanthropies to athletics, schoolwork, new pledges and many other exciting events.  We started out the year the strong and we continue to excel on many fronts.  
We competed in numerous philanthropies placing 4th in Tri Delta’s Flapjacks and Football and placing second in Zeta’s Crown Classic.  We are currently first in Kappa Delta’s Fall festival as we compete for the win.  On other fronts, our chapter has been working on increasing the grades by new incentivized programs, such as cash prizes for highest in major GPA and matching high GPA with low GPA brothers and giving out scholarship checks to the highest combined scores at the end of the marking period. 
Athletically, we have remained in the top bracket for sports as we compete to defend the Hokie Grail award. We currently have three teams competing in Football, with volleyball and basketball right around the corner. 
Many of our current brothers have seen great success as they look towards future ambitions and opportunities.  Tyler Borup was accepted early decision into VCU Pharmacy School and Logan Miller will be working for Wells Fargo in Charlotte, NC this spring. Also, Pro-Consul Dan Lee was chosen as CEO of the on campus financial group S.E.E.D. and Magister Curtis Calder was accepted to the Consulting Club at Virginia Tech. 
Rush period was very successful with six different events and over 240 rushees and 24 bids given out. We continue to be one of the most selective fraternities on campus through utilization of the Jordan Standard and the guidelines set forth by the Ritual.  We are excited to bring in the newest pledge class, Delta Gamma, as we teach them about what it means to be a Sigma Chi over the next several weeks.
Overall, things have been going very well in the chapter as we work towards the betterment of ourselves and our fraternity. It has been a great start this semester, and we look forward to keep the momentum going in the right direction. We will do our best to keep the alumni updated with newsletters, Facebook, and Linkedin as this upcoming year unfolds.

Robert Wineland